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Caring For The People And The World


Focusing on a cultural conciousness with a planetary perspective.
Becoming a catalyst for the transformation to a sustainable world.

The Club of Budapest Australia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating practical projects to heal planet Earth on a global scale. The global environmental change has become a focal point of international affairs where environmental preservation is needed to reduce the economic inequity which contributes to environmental destruction. Restoration of the environment requires the involvement not only of nations working together, but of the people of the world.



Our Leaders

The Club of Budapest, Australia, also aims to re-appraise approaches to this issue and to create a new paradigm for survival. We require a major change in human consciousness if we are to survive. Artistic, creative and innovative vision and new ways of thinking are the keys.


Founder, Club of Budapest

News & Articles

Shifting The Paradigm
22 June 2016
Dr. Michael Ellis, The Club of Budapest, Australia

Humans have already used up 2015's supply of Earth's resources..
13 August 2015
Emma Howard, The Guardian

Groundbreaking Australian study finds thousands of children and teenagers suffer mental illness.
7 August 2015
Amy Corderoy, The Age

What's really warming the world?
24 June 2015
Eric Roston, Bloomberg

“We have all lost something, and some of us a lot… but not everything.”

Santosh Bidari, MasterPeace

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Thoughts of the Infinite Mind

  • We have finite bodies and infinite minds, and there is no limitation to the human mind.

  • We need to shift the way we think and ignite the divine spark in all of humanity.

  • Everything is the universal mind & the quantum field.

  • All success emanates from the one principle of perfect intuition inherent in every human being.

  • There is no limitation as we shift the way we think.

  • The old system keeps us mesmerised through the perception of limitation.

  • We are conduits of the higher self mind in virtual realty suits taught in the past 5000 years to dream delusions of misplaced reality.

  • The current incoherent distorted thinking of humanity is preventing us rise to divine coherence through codes of limitation.

  • We can break away from the old system of cataloguing

       linear materialistic left brained thinking and rise into quantum full                potential awareness.


  • The human species is undergoing a grand metamorphic experience.

  • The Transition is of our life matrix to multi-dimensional perspectives.

  • What we think we are are, is not real. We are constantly changing.

  • Now is the time we have to extend our biological evolution and be open to new inherent evolutionary biological programmes.

  • Epigenetics is the key to  overriding the human genetic code of limitation and our perceptions hold the key.

  • Every part contains the whole and vice versa. Each person contains the whole. We are Microcosms of the macrocosm.

Global Peace Centre Project

Global Peace Centre Project

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