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The Club of Budapest, Australia's Initiatives




What immediate strategies should be adopt to help preserve peace and environmental security for the next ten years and thereby reduce the risk of global nuclear confrontation and irreversible damage to our civilization base and planetary resource occurring before such time as new management policies can be applied?


How can we strengthen the potential for peace within society?

What long-term strategies should we adopt to achieve sustainable peace?




The Energy Solution Revolution is a social and political mandate to create awareness and a movement to develop these sources as soon as possible for the sake of all humanity and the Earth.




When there is one soldier for every 49 people in the world and one doctor for thousands of people we realise the basic inequality in our values and the misinformation which is given to us from school onwards to universities which are so divided in their disciplines that there is no integration or understanding of how wisdom in its very essence is inter linked and connected a whole just as our spirit, body and minds are units in a greater whole.




A new world order controlled by a vastly wealthy elite is surely not the destiny of our own human individual needs and requirements for freedom health and happiness.  It is important that we understand what we are up against in terms of a controlling, exploitative global monetocracy and a global military industrial complex which seeks only for control for the sake of the needs and requirements of this elite.

Environmental deregulation, unbridled financial speculation, unlimited growth and unregulated free trade based on globalization, relentless resource exploitation globally, institutionalized fraud and financial manipulation, market rigging, the interplay of powerful economic actors, and the appropriation of enormous amounts of wealth by a small global monetocracy are feeding an impending global social catastrophe.  


As has been shown above, Western governments serving the interests of economic elites are installing big brother police states with massive powers for surveillance and with a mandate to confront and control all forms of opposition and social dissent.

It is evident that under global capitalism, mounting poverty and ecological disaster is not the result of a scarcity or lack of human or material resources or some kind of overriding natural catastrophe.  Quite the opposite holds true.

The economic inequality on the planet is marked by a process of disengagement of human resources and physical capital.  People’s lives globally are being destroyed by an economic manipulation of social inequality leading to global impoverishment of at least 50-60% of the population as well as the demise of middle and upper middle income groups.  

There is innovation, energy, social innovation, proper education, literacy, water and food available for all on the planet.  If we use new science with new sustainable energy technologies and new forms of agriculture which are not polluting or toxic we can free ourselves from the tipping point.


Ecology demands a steady state economy: .Does development demand growth? Can we tackle structural inequities without further resource depletion? Should we;


  • Fully implement new forms of education in schools

  • Develop New Eco-economic indicators

  • Use negative taxation

  • Reduce consumption in developed world?

  • Increase community management of resources?

  • Plan for zero option in global growth? When?


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