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The Club Of Budapest, Australia aims to create a new human agenda for survival by looking at the basic causes behind the global crisis and identifying the problems - not just the symptoms - and then finding  the solutions. The emphasis will be innovation, viewing entrenched problems from a new perspective and deriving practical answers rather than just talking.


  • Forging a new sustainable paradigm.

  • Geo-political and economics issues relating to health which pinpoint the challenge of sustainability incorporating a new paradigm of medicine incorporating preventative medicine.

  • Research on the interaction between economic development, health and sustainabilty.

  • Means of implementation of sustainable practices – what are the solutions?

  • Supply and demand issue needs to be addressed particularly with reference to food and water.

  • Strengthening institutional knowledge of new ways of thinking.

The Club of Budapest, Australia will stimulate informed action for a sustainable future for humanity. The key areas to seek solutions for sustainable developmental solutions are:


New Manner of Thinking / Spirituality

Sustainability and Environment

Healing and Global Health

Economics and Hunger

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