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Our Vision


The vision of Club of Budapest, Austalia is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society.


During the last few decades, a radical change has occurred in humanity's awareness of itself. In simple terms, we have, over the millennia, translated ourselves from "oneness to aloneness". The truth is that all life on the planet is connected. Our initiative attempts to understand what we have become and illuminates our future potential.Humankind has reached a state of development in which old modes of thinking and behaving threaten to destroy our planet.


Those of us who are dedicated to the preservation of life must play a prominent part in this revolution, which calls for a substantial change in our manner of thinking. On social, environmental and health fronts we are confronting a critical transition. We are facing the results of an epistemology which focuses on material and rational values, human supremacy and competition for domination. Will this transition be into chaos and destruction or will it be into the new paradigm based on spiritual, ecological connectedness and cooperation.

The Club of Budapest, Australia is based on a paradigm similar to that of holistic health. The planet is a living entity because it has on it a meshwork of life which maintains itself on a reciprocal basis. It takes into account the latest advances in science and thought. It is looking at the latest advances in quantum physics, in consciousness, in psycho technologies and in the power of the mind to heal.


The key to change and economic success is not concentration on economic growth per se - we live on a finite planet which is undergoing the destruction of its living and non-living resources. We feel the key to transformation is a greater emphasis on education and health and the enhancement of inner wealth - rather than the acquisition of more and more material wealth at the expense of quality of life for all humanity. We feel that ’healing and relationships’ are the keys to the problems not only of Australia but of the world.

Our emphasis is innovation, viewing entrenched problems from a new perspective and deriving practical answers rather than just talking.


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