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Dumbing Down The Society

I go out into the street, and it is a free democratic society. I can see the world on Netflix, and yet here I am cocooned and deceived by the giant machinations of an on growing process that caters to what appears to be my inmost desires for commodities.

It is like a never ending song. I see it on the TV, I hear it on the radio, and I feel it in the exhaust fed streets and see it virtualized in the green verges of suburbia with the cloisters array of Australian flowers and bushes.

Where is the wilderness of my mind and potential in my heart when the onslaught is from the headlines dwelt across the nation like a holographic transplant of my naked soul?

Is this a mirage a chaos of a dust mired form of dreamtime which has camouflaged the secret murmurs of the deserts and forests of Oceania?

The hiss of the coffee making machine and the blonde barista smiles at me like a well-trained humanoid doll as she hands me the latest wake up sip of the morning break.

I am confronted with a morass of information or is it disaffirmation?

The climatic Niño effect is coming again amplified as giant storms hit New South Wales and Brisbane. Child care supers are cut and once again they have found a cure for cancer.

So how can I find what really tugs at the heart strings of this Australian society in transition? Where are the clues hidden? How do I access them?

It is difficult to see outside the box. The day is beautiful with almost a cloudless sky. Even in suburbs there is a taste of grass lining the pavements and the autumnal leaves scattered under my feet and a touch of taste to evergreen conifer and pine trees around the streets.

Nice cars are parked here and there beside detached houses, some of which are newly built with square porches and artificial grass in the front gardens which means less upkeep. Of course some of these designer homes will have smart fridges and also be wired throughout the house for multimedia.

It is a connected human brain society, to the extent that reality is becoming almost virtual, even to the packages of instant foods and noodles in the supermarkets; who mega display on their shelves: milk, bread, Coca-Cola, cereal bars, cereals, muesli, cheese, chocolate and above all else crisps of all shapes and flavours.

The burgeoning power of supermarket selling is that it creates human obesity. In fact the major causes of chronic illness like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases are sugar, milk, bread and cheese and high glycaemic foods. Poor food choices undermine democracy and so does fluoridation, toxic chemicals in foods and cosmetics as well as home cleaning materials.

This is how the population is dumbed down and their brains and bodies frazzled by products, beautifully packed, but toxic to human physiology. Most of the chemicals used in food and cleaning products come from the petroleum industry and yet, no consumer realises we have reached peak oil production! Neither do they know about the acidification of the oceans nor how droughts around the world are restricting food production.

We are wrapped up in news speak, media speak and Facebook. Motivational speakers, mindfulness, meditation topics, all of which clash with each other to make money on the Internet and selfies on a compendium of who I am, who are my friends, my walk in parties on the latest smart phone gadget in the market. Our smart phones are the key to survival presenting to-do lists, time-tables, wake up calls and a conglomerate of social activities which micro measure and digitalise the human world into a matrix of technology.

And where are you, me and I in the meaningful chase of life?

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