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The New Science


A new paradigm of healing would have a profound effect on the way we perceive ourselves and our planetary environment. It expresses a new spirituality encompassing a consciousness of oneness in which all life maintains itself at the expense of everything else.

The new vision for humanity shows that we can be masters of our own lives by being open to the fundamental healing essence inherent in the universe.

Probably the biggest drawback to development of human beings which occurs after birth is the child's sense of fear and abandonment. Parental nurturing in the early years can enable the growth of the prefrontal lobes to be optimum, and through the development of the orbito cingulate gyrus enables the higher mind to take mastery over the neo-cortex, midbrain and reptilian or hind brain. Unfortunately this opportunity is rarely taken and because of the nature of our fear driven global society, the fight and flight brain consisting of the mid and reptilian or hind brain, is developed at the expense of the prefrontal lobe.

This is shown by the high rate of child suicide which has occurred in America in the past 50 years as enculturation and anomie takes further hold on materialistic civilisation.


Dr William Braud, University of Houston wrote a book called Distant Mental Influence: Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and human interaction in 2003.

He stated that” based on a review of this experimental literature regarding distant mental

Influence, the statistical results are beyond what is expected by mean chance expectation. With relatively consistent findings from different laboratories, it is unlikely that the results are due to some systematic methodological flaws”.

“Whereas the distant intentionality effect sizes are small, they are comparable to and in some cases, eight times larger than reported in some recent medical studies that have been heralded as medical breakthroughs”.

An intention experiment was conducted by Lynne McTaggart ,with Gary Schwartz on the growth of barley seeds; they prepared four sets of barley seeds — one set of seeds, and three controls — to eliminate chance findings.

They ran six Germination Intention Experiments – one via the Internet, with participants from countries all over the world, and five others in front of Lynne McTaggart’s audiences - around the world.

Dr. Schwartz then conducted a variety of complex analyses of the growth of all six Intention Experiments and the six Control Experiments.

They found that on the days they sent intention, all the plants grew higher with the plants sent intention the highest of all.

Information from the environment.

Their experiments also suggested that living things register information from the entire environment, and not simply between two communicating entities. Could it be that the intention projects photons which excite vibrating DNA on the receptor sites of the seeds which had non local effect on surrounding DNA of living plants?

This kind of ‘scattergun’ effect also occurred in an experiment by Dutch psychologist Eduard Van Wijk, who works with German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp of the International Institute for Biophysics. Van Wijk placed a jar of a simple algae, near a healer and his patient, and then measured the photon emissions of the algae. The quality of emissions significantly changed during the healing sessions, as though the algae were being bombarded with light.

This series of intention studies by McTaggart also suggests that distance from which intention is sent doesn’t’t have any bearing on the results. A group of people scattered around the globe produced the same effect as a group of 600 located thousands of miles away from the target.

According to this data, the size of the group didn’t have any bearing, either; even a tiny group of 100 in a room in upstate New York had been able to profoundly affect a batch of seeds more than a thousand miles away

Power and experience.

The only important factor in producing results appears to be experience.

Having done the experiments on germination of seeds. Lynn McTaggart, then examined the power of group mind intention to lower violence and restore peace in trouble spots around the world. She chose the stronghold of the Tamil Tigers in northern Sri Lanka. The group mind consisted of thousands of her followers from 65 countries and the event lasted 8 days.

This area of Sri Lanka had 25 years of civil war with numerous suicide bombings.

Noted peace advocate Dr. Kumar Rupesinghe, from the Foundation for Co-existence in Columbo, Sri Lanka, supplied weekly violence data from the past two years for both the North and Eastern sections - and continued to monitor both areas.

From statistics, compiled over a previous 2 year period by the Foundation for Co-existence in Columbo, Sri Lanka, Dr Jessica Utts, professor of Statistics at University of California at Irvine, modelled a prediction of the likely average violence levels.

The first week of the Peace Intention Experiments experienced a sudden surge of attacks and killings, largely brought on by the Sri Lankan government, with their last full-on effort to quash the Tamil Tiger rebels.

Immediately after the experiment both deaths and numbers of people injured fell dramatically. The death rate suddenly fell by 74 percent and injuries by 48 percent.

Dr. Utts’ time analysis revealed that the violence vastly increased to levels far higher than predicted during the week of the experiment and for a few weeks after, and then fell sharply to below what was expected.

Roger Nelson, architect of Global Consciousness Project found that REG machines were affected within a 40-minute window of meditations during the eight days of Lynn McTaggart's Peace Intention.

Lynne Mctaggart showed that in the immediate aftermath of the experiment, about 44 percent of participants noticed changes in their relationships with others during the experiment whether family snd more so with strangers.

Conditions conducive to effective intention or distant mental influence.

Lynne McTaggart interviewed many intention masters – Qigong masters, Buddhist monks, master healers – and scientists, to create a good intention technique.

The basics of her program are;

  • How to choose a special intention space.

  • How to power up through meditation.

  • When to move into a state of peak focus.

  • How to state your intention and make it very specific.

  • How to mentally rehearse every moment of it.

  • How and when to visualise in vivid detail, your intention as established fact.

  • The best timing – which are the best days for doing intention.

  • How to surrender to the universe’s power and let go of the outcome.

Remote intention is of course connected with psi phenomena.

In parapsychology, psi is the purported process of information transfer or energy transfer in extrasensory perception or psychokinesis that is unexplained in terms of known physical or biological mechanisms

Dr. Charles T. Tart has been involved with research and theory in the fields of Hypnosis, Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Parapsychology, Consciousness and Mindfulness since 1963. He is a prolific writer and also has articles published Nature. He says that ESP, psychokinesis, remote viewing and psychic healing have more robust evidence than that found in conventional medical trials.

Early ESP work was modelled on the concept of a mental radio in which in a state of altered consciousness, our bandwidth expands. The other hypothesis is that the coherence induced by the sender effects the quantum field or matrix around them and to whom it is sent which then juxtaposes itself and modifies the matrix of the receiver.

The matrix is therefore an underlying plastic field which can be affected by consciousness and by the experiments through the quantum effects already described. However they are obviously limited , unless there is a major event which can influence the field on a more massive scale. As for example the tremendous changes in REG counters of the Global Consciousness Project, before and during Princess Di's death and the collapse of the twin towers on 9/11.

People do have the ability to create massive changes within their lives so that their field of discourse of behaviour and action affects everything around them. We only have to look at the biographies of great leaders and pioneers to see this is true.

Intention Coherence

Professor Braud, University of Houston found that the effect of being stared at increased electrodermal activity unless the starer and the recipient had already known each other. He also found that remote intention and influence could create coherence in those people who are either highly nervous or whose attention was wondering the most.

With anthropologist Marilyn Schlitz they found that human intention could also effect bacteria, yeast plants, ants, ticks, mice, rats, cats, dogs, human cells, human enzymes, human eyes and movements, breathing, and brain rhythms. The conditions conducive to this kind of influence included; relation techniques, mediation, bio feedback, reduced sensory input, dreams, right brain functioning, and belief systems.

In his book Distant Mental Influence: Its Contributions to Science, Healing, and Human.. By William Braud already mentioned, Dr Braud says,

A particularly intriguing possibility is that the various remote intentionality influences reviewed in the report may occur not only locally with respect to space (as these studies already have indicated) but also non-locally with respect to time. Such a possibility could allow direct attentional and intentional influences to be directed “backward in time” to influence probabilistic events involved in seed moments or initial formative conditions harmful or helpful to health and well-being.

Dr Braud asks if there is another science or epistemology, which as yet has not been explored which transcends current nomothetic science by seeing consciousness as being the basic cause behind; e.g. Distant intentionality--In this case ,this is the stuff that the universe is made of ---a web of interconnecting conscious processes like so many jewels interacting as quanta of photons creating manifesting and dissolving with meaning purpose and creativity. It is when with our infinite minds that we challenge and move beyond the status quo do we see this connected one world of process and balance mediated by degrees of intentionality.

A thing, process, or action is teleological when it is for the sake of an end, i.e., a telos or final cause. In general, it may be said that there are two types of final causes, which may be called intrinsic finality and extrinsic finality.

The teleology in nature or in the divine effulgence of the universe is in some ways indecipherable by human minds perhaps because we have yet to explore the true nature of consciousness from an analytic and integral perspective . Perhaps this is because we have been outside the reality like gate keepers defining our religious dogmas and spiritual paths without diving into the ocean.

Dr Braud says :

Results reported here and elsewhere suggest that consciousness may be causal, or that, in some ultimate sense, there may be no causality—only a whole system evolving.In the latter case, distant intentionality might not be an anomaly ... but part of another order of reality.


Prayer -- (10%). Compared with other practices such as transcendental meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong and reiki, prayer is by far the most popular alternative form of therapy.

Such findings emerged from a Harvard Medical School study, which showed that a third of adults used prayer in addition to conventional medical care for specific health-related problems .indeed compared with other practices such as transcendental meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong and reiki, prayer seems to be by far the most popular alternative form of therapy.

“There have been a number of studies on intercessory prayer, or prayer offered for the benefit of another person,” said David Hodge, an assistant professor of social work at Arizona State University who is a leading expert on spirituality and religion. “. Conducting a meta-analysis takes into account the entire body of empirical research on intercessory prayer. Using this procedure, we find that prayer offered on behalf of another yields positive results.” He says that praying for people with psychological or medical problems may help them recover"

Although the 2006 article by Dr. Herbert Benson of the Harvard Medical School that measured the therapeutic effect of intercessory prayer in cardiac bypass patients did not find positive evidence, Hodge noted a different result when the effects of prayer are averaged across all 17 studies, controlling for differences in sample sizes-he found , a net positive effect for the prayer group is produced.

The Effects of Meditation on Society

In 1974 it was discovered in 11 cities in the USA that when the number of people participating in the Transcendental Meditation Program reached one per cent of the city population the trend of rising crime rate was reversed, In 1976, with the introduction of the advanced TM-Sidhi Programme, an even more powerful effect was shown. This research demonstrated a new formula: the square root of one per cent of a population practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme morning and evening together in one place was sufficient to neutralise negative tendencies and promote positive trends throughout the whole population.

Near Death Experiences

5 per cent of the adult population of North America have had an NDE or near death experience. In his book Recollection of Death, Cardiologist Michael Sabom, details several independently confirmed autoscopic experiences. He concluded that none of the standard explanations is adequate to account for the accuracy brought back from out of body. In the information the subjects reported that they could see details of their surroundings that they could not have perceived by means of their physical senses.

Psychologist, Kenneth Ring, after conducting a survey amongst twenty-six NDE's assessing changes in attitude, concluded that after these experiences individuals tended to express a greater appreciation for life and more concern and love for their fellow human beings.

It would seem from these illustrations that mind does have an integrating role beyond that of the matter in the brain although in normal circumstances matter and mind are inextricably interlinked.

Stanislav Grof in his talk in Beyond the Brain, 1990, stated that through transpersonal experience there is access to new information not through ordinary channels. There are two forms of learning - learning through observation, analysis and synthesis, and learning in state of being or direct experience.

Grof talks about three kinds of experiences.

  • Firstly, the ability to become objects or living entities encompassing the whole range of phenomena within the universe. An example of this category is provided in the successful research of remote viewing at Stanford Research Institute, California.

  • Secondly, the ability to transcend linear time so that all past and future events can be experienced with all sensory modalities. These non-ordinary states of consciousness would include conception, birth, ancestors, collective racial memories and past life experiences.

  • Thirdly, experiences which take you into realms that this culture does not consider to be objectively real, because they transcend space and time. They would include the collective unconscious and archetypes, for example: if a person experiences themselves as a God or Goddess. Also this will include such phenomena as channeling, spirit guides, universal mind and cosmic consciousness. Stanislav Grof uses these three categories as his form of cartography for psychic exploration.



Bio photon frequency is the driving force for whole living organism communication.

Stimulation of acupuncture points has an effect on electromagnetic molecular signalling with high frequency stimulation producing endorphins and low frequency stimulation producing cortisol.

Results dating back to the 1920s had shown the existence of emissions from living substances at the much higher frequency range of ultraviolet light Such emission was later confirmed by Fritz-Albert Popp, who named the phenomenon biophotons. Popp and colleagues demonstrated that the light was coherent, somewhat like a laser; that the emitting molecules are coupled by a coherent radiation field; and that the source is the DNA in the cell nucleus. Whole body biophoton detection in Popp's lab showed a correlation with known biological rhythms of diurnal, lunar, and other periodicity, and suggested the existence of a globally organised biophoton field for the organism.

A body producing the lowest light is in the state of coherence.

Biophoton vibrations cause molecules to vibrate and create their own unique signature frequency. This frequency is the driving force for communication in the whole living organism.

Popp considered that DNA is the master tuning fork for the emission of light. Each cell in the body undergoes 100,000 chemical reactions a second and coherence and communication amongst these reactions would not be possible without some blueprint or infrastructure of information produced by the emission of electromagnetic radiation as light.

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