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Letter to the World Leaders

This petition was initiated by Global Harmony Association.

The Global Harmony Association (GHA) is an international NGO, uniting more than 600 members in 65 countries, and with more than 1 million participants.

GHA's Mission is:

To bring global peace from harmony and to build a conscious way for harmonious civilizations o­n scientifically based ‘ABC of Harmony’ and through ‘Global Peace Science’ general education.


Dear World Leaders,

This petition is an ongoing petition to the G20 Group of Nations on behalf of the People of the World, and is intended to raise attention and discussion on the precarious state of Global Economics and our shared Future, and the fact that our political leaders are not representing the vast majority of Humanity to lead us towards a peaceful and sustainable future but rather are leading the human family to chaos and the potential collapse of civilisation. We are at tipping point in terms of Climate Change and increasing danger of Nuclear War while severe poverty and hunger with the lack of basic amenities afflicts two-fifths of the World’s population. We live on a Planet with finite resources and we cannot rely on infinite growth to solve our problems. It is now time for Humanity, as a whole, to take a stand and speak out on an ongoing basis to ask our leaders to truly represent the requirements and needs of all us, not just the financial and corporate elite.

In this connection, we invite every leader of the UN member states to show your social responsibility for peace by your unique initiation of the Global Peace Agenda at the UN that will raise your peacemaking prestige highly. We invite you to include in the Agenda and put to the vote of the UN General Assembly in autumn 2017 the following 12 initiative proposals of this Agenda, or some of them at your discretion:

  1. The necessity to develop Global Peace Science (GPS) based on the idea of world harmony, which includes all human values and is intuitively shared by all civilisations in the history.

  2. Holding the International Scientific Contest for the best version of GPS under the auspices of the United Nations.

  3. Establishment of a Special Committee in the UN: Global Peace Science against International Terrorism; as a tool for reconciliation of religions, antiterrorist immunity and overcoming the fundamentalist ideology of terrorism.

  4. Establishment of the "Global Peace Academy " under the UN for research and education in the field of global peace and its branches in the world's largest and nuclear-armed nations.

  5. Establishment of the "UN Week of Global Peace Science from Harmony" on January 24 to 31 or January 17 to 24(following the example of the "UN Interfaith Harmony Week" on February 1 to 7, initiated by the King of Jordan at the UN General Assembly Session in 2010).

  6. The reissue of the book "Global Peace Science", possibly by 2018 under the auspices of the UN and with the participation of world political leaders, primarily from nuclear powers.

  7. Conduct international statistical research into dynamics of a deep societal structure of spheral classes within the population in each country and worldwide since 1950 to 2015 by decades.

  8. Establish a permanent UN Project "Monitoring of War and Peace in the World Public Consciousness and the Media".

  9. Establishing a "Peace Department" in the governmental structures of the world's largest and nuclear countries.

  10. Work out the UN Model of global governance by general and complete disarmament, with the priority of nuclear disarmament within 10 years based on the GPS.

  11. Explore the Global Peace Thermodynamics as the UN Model of global governance for environmental, climate and other world challenges and risks of the 21st century.

  12. Consider developing "Global Peace Earth Constitution" based on the GPS.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Michael Ellis

President, Club of Budapest Australia

President, Global Peace Centre

GHA Ambassador of Peace & Disarmament, Australia

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